Peer review process

All manuscripts submitted to Paracelsus Proceedings of Experimental Medicine undergo a peer review process by international experts in the field. The peer review process is single-blinded as reviewers are anonymous to the authors. Reviewers are asked to respond in a timely manner to the editors' requests to evaluate a manuscript. Editors and reviewers will apply the highest scientific publishing standards.

The Editor-in-Chief and the publisher are responsible for ensuring high-quality peer review. All decisions are made after careful evaluation and are final.

Guidelines for Reviewers

PPExMed aims to publish high quality scientific articles. Anonymous reviewers evaluate every research article. To guarantee a fair and transparent reviewing process, reviewers should follow the following aspects when evaluating the scientific work:

  • Do you have any conflict of interest evaluating the article?
  • Does the article fit to the scope of PPExMed?
  • Are aims and rationale of the study clearly stated and logical?
  • Are the conclusions drawn from the scientific data justified?
  • Is the scientific data adequately presented and understandable?
  • Are the Methods accurately described and appropriate to address the scientific aim?
  • Are state-of-the-art studies adequately mentioned in the manuscript and referenced appropriately?
  • Are ethics and conflict of interest statements given in the manuscript?
  • Is the manuscript well written and the language understandable to a broad audience?
  • Are all figures and tables well annotated and sufficiently labelled?

If reviewers recognize a conflict of interest or other questions please contact the editorial office:

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