Volume 2 - Issue 1

Paracelsus 10,000: An Observational Cohort Study About the Health Status of the Population of Salzburg, Austria. Rationale, Objectives and Study Design

Vanessa Frey, Patrick Langthaler, Emanuel Raphaelis, Susanne Ring-Dimitriou, Ludmilla Kedenko, Elmar Aigner, Jennifer Martinz, Isabella Gostner, Arne C. Bathke, Paul Sungler, Michael Studnicka, Elisabeth Haschke-Becher, Eugen Trinka, Bernhard Iglseder, Bernhard Paulweber

PPExMed 2023;1:1-17

Sprifermin for Treatment of Osteoarthritis: Recombinant Fibroblast Growth Factor 18 as a Possible Disease-Modifying Knee Osteoarthritis Drug

Martin Jakab, Tobias Kiesslich, Antje van der Zee-Neuen, Wolfgang Wirth, Markus Ritter

PPExMed 2023;2:18-40

Change in Metabolomic Profile Associated with an Average Increase in Plain Water Intake of >+1 L/Day, Sustained Over 4 Weeks, in Healthy Young Men with Initial Total Water Intake Below 2 L/Day

Jodi D. Stookey, Bernhard Paulweber, Thomas K. Felder, Florian Lang, Dieter Häussinger, David W. Killilea, Frans A. Kuypers, Markus Ritter

PPExMed 2023;2:41-66

Apelin Regulation of K-Cl Cotransport in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells as a Potential Target for Cardiovascular Disease

Neelima Sharma, Peter K. Lauf, Norma C. Adragna

PPExMed 2023;2:67-88

Molecular Insights on Shigellosis: How the Interaction Between Invasin IpaA and Vinculin Hijacks Cellular Mechanotransduction

Cristina Bertocchi, Nicole Morales, Andrea Ravasio

PPExMed 2023;2:89-98

Reduced Hepatocyte Bicarbonate Output Accelerates Periductal Inflammation and Fibrosis in mdr2-/- Mouse Liver

Archana Kini, Zhenzhen Zhou, Anna E. Seidler, Brigitte Riederer, Dorothee Römermann, Arndt Vogel, Ursula Seidler

PPExMed 2023;2:99-117

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